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Support Anfrage: Printing with WhosOnLocation


We are using SiteKiosk using Chrome as the browser for accessing WhosOnlocation which works fine. However when we need to do printing of visitor labels they don't print correctly. In talking to WhosOnlocation there is the following document on how to configure the printer to work with Chrome using "Sient Printing" https://helpdesk.whosonlocation.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009886693-Link-Printer-Kiosk-PC-Chrome?source=search. As we don't actually have Chrome installed on this Kiosk we can't follow the procures supplied by WOL. Can you advise if there is a way that we could configure SiteKiosk to work with this printing setup.

Access to WOL is via https://login.whosonlocation.com/

Note: If we use IE as the browser in SiteKiosk, then WOL uses a ActiveX script which works fine for printing, however there are performance issues with accessing WOL when using IE.

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Re: Printing with WhosOnLocation 24.06.2020 16:05

Thank you for your inquiry. SiteKiosk uses Chromium CEF for the web browsing experience. SiteKiosk has no way to interact with or control features of Google Chrome though they are using the same browser engines(Chromium). You can reach out to the web service provider if they have any suggestion regarding the use of Chromium CEF.

In addition, you may need to review the print settings found in the SiteKiosk configuration>>Print>>Print Behavior. Test the option: "Print web page as laid on the screen (without user interaction)". If you have switched from IE and kept this setting: "Automatically print largest frame", that setting is not compatible with Chrome browser engine. To the right of "Print behavior", you can set print margins under "Page Settings">>"Margins".

In general, SiteKiosK does not control the printer driver in Windows, you are free to set printer preferences in the Windows printer settings.

As a test, you can incorporate command line switches with Chromium CEF. There is no guarantee they will work. Below you can find instructions on how to include it in your SiteKiosK configuration file and also a copy of the latest Chromium CEF version used in SiteKiosk for testing outside of SiteKiosK. (no installation required) Generally, articles posted in our Developer Blog are considered as-is and further support is not given.


http://opensource.spotify.com/cefbuilds/cef_binary_81.3.10%2Bgb223419%2Bchromium-81.0.4044.138_windows32_client.tar.bz2 (unzip twice, the executable is found in the Release folder).

Best Regards,